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The impact of private equity

Note: the audio for this show will be available Friday


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WFIU hosted a live Noon Edition earlier this year from the Monroe County History Center to discuss the growing concern of private equity’s impact on news media.  

Since the change of ownership from Schurz Communications to GateHouse Media, now called Gannett, newspapers around Indiana have declined. Local papers, including the Herald-Times, have seen staffing cuts, reduced circulation, lack of local news coverage; some have even been closed.  

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The impact on local news caused by private equity has caused much concern in the Bloomington community. Citizens have expressed concerns about the direction of local news coverage and how private ownership will affect the quality of reporting. 

This week on Noon Edition, listen again to Bob and Sara talk with guests about the changes in area newspapers and the impact of private equity ownership in news.    

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Niklas Huether - Assistant Professor of Finance at the Kelley School of Business whose expertise is in private equity

Jason Pfeifer - Associate professor of journalism in the IU Media School

Sarah Vaughan - Paper Cuts reporter

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