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The hottest year on record 

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Last week, world leaders met in Dubai for the annual U.N climate summit to discuss this year’s global warming numbers. The World Meteorological Organization released its 2023 report, and the results are concerning.  

The report states the past nine years have been the warmest on record for the, with this past year being “virtually certain” to be the hottest on record

The heat and rising surface temperatures are leading to other problems and concerns. This year’s sea temperatures have surpassed last year’s record-breaking temperatures with the Atlantic recording temperatures as high as 101 degrees Fahrenheit. These rising temperatures have led to record highs in global mean sea levels and Antarctic sea-ice areas reached a record low.

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Scientists and world leaders have concerns about the direction the planet is going. If this were to continue, ecosystems and populations all over the world will start seeing disastrous impacts.  

This week on Noon Edition, we will talk with guests about this report and the impacts of global warming.   

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Dr. Matthew Huber — Professor and Director for the Institute for a Sustainable Future at Purdue University

Ben Kravitz — Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Indiana University Bloomington

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