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What does action from the 2023 legislative session mean for this school year?



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Indiana saw several key laws take effect this week, several of which directly affect public schools.

To name a few:

Textbook costs for families are covered now through a $160 million state reimbursement fund.

The state raised the income limit of its voucher program to $220,000 for a family of four, so nearly all families qualify for a money to help cover the costs of private or religious schools.

Schools now must notify parents within 5 days if a student asks to go by a different name, pronouns, or title.

Along with that, schools are required to follow a new body of research in their curriculum on the “science of reading” in literacy education.  

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Dr. Jeff Hauswald - MCCSC Superintendent  

Matt Stark – Bloomington High School North Principal  

Dr. Dominick Stella – Jackson Creek Middle School Principal  

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