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Spring "thyme": Your garden and houseplant questions answered


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The last spring frost is predicted to occur April 8, but seasoned gardeners know that planting for the season has already begun.

March is a good time to plant cool season flowers, such as pansies and violas, and cool-season edibles and herbs, such as parsley, cilantro, and Brussels sprouts.

According to Midwest Living, planting radishes and spinach in southern parts of the region should be done when soil is thawed. St. Patrick’s Day is the traditional day to do it.

Many people use this time of year to do garden upkeep and preparation: pruning trees and bushes, spraying fruit trees, and setting up beds.

The pandemic caused a boom in the garden industry. A study says one in three people started gardening during the pandemic because they were home more.

The market for indoor plants blossomed, too. One 2020 survey of plant buyers found that 12 percent of respondents were first-time purchasers.

We’ll talk about tips for tending to plants, both indoor and outdoor, on Friday’s Noon Edition.

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Note: This week is our first show with in-person guests in two years. We've been recording live over Zoom calls. 


Tailia Halliday, owner of Gather and oak.

Amy Thompson, Purdue Extension Monroe County

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