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Noon Edition

Repeat: November Show On Climate Change

Noon Edition airs on Fridays at noon on WFIU.

Last year in November, we held a special program of Noon Edition answering your questions about what's being done locally to combat climate change.

The show was held with a live audience at Inkwell on the Monroe County Courthouse Square.

We had local officials and climate experts on to share their thoughts and answer questions that had come in through out City Limits Series, which is where audience members submit questions to our newsroom, and we work to answer them.

Recently, this show won a first-place prize for audience engagement from the Public Media Journalists Association.

We're replaying the episode today so you can revisit some of the questions we answered.

This week you can listen to our award winning show on climate change.

You can follow us on Twitter @NoonEdition or join us on the air by calling in at 812-855-0811 or toll-free at 1-877-285-9348. You can also send us questions for the show at

Note-This week the show is a rerun. We will not be taking questions or comments from listeners.

Our Guests-

Alex Crowley, director, City of Bloomington Economic and Sustainable Development Department

Janet McCabe, director, Environmental Resilience Institute

Andrew Predmore, director of Sustainability, Indiana University

Matt Flaherty, Bloomington City Council, At-Large

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