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Noon Edition

Protecting Bloomington’s vital water source

Lake Monroe

The reservoir provides drinking water to over 100,000 residents in Bloomington and Monroe County. (Devan Ridgway, WTIU/WFIU News)

Lake Monroe provides water to over 128,000 residents in the Bloomington area.

But the City of Bloomington doesn’t actually manage the lake. Experts say there’s not one person or organization responsible.

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One group that’s helping is Friends of Lake Monroe, which has developed the Lake Monroe Watershed Management Plan focused on improving water quality.

What is a watershed development plan, and why do we need one?

What’s the relationship between lake water quality and drinking water treatment costs?

And what about the frequent taste and odor concerns? What’s the city doing to help?

On this week’s episode of Noon Edition, we’ll pose these questions to four experts.

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-- Sherry Mitchell-Bruker, founder and board president, Friends of Lake Monroe

-- Vic Kelson, City of Bloomington Utilities

-- Maggie Sullivan, Lake Monroe Watershed Coordinator, Friends of Lake Monroe

-- Martha Miller, District Manager, Monroe County Soil and Water Conservation District

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