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Severe Weather Across The Midwest

people fishing at Lake Monroe

Lake Monroe is around 11 feet above its normal levels right now. (Adam Pinsker, WFIU/WTIU News)

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The Midwest has seen unusually high tornado activity and other extreme weather in the last couple weeks.

In central Indiana, at least 9 tornadoes touched down during Saturday’s severe weather outbreak.

National weather service officials say an EF-1 tornado touched down in Owen County, and then again as an EF-2 tornado in Ellettsville. An estimated 30 homes are damaged in Monroe County as of Saturday.

Monroe County Board of Commissioners President Julie Thomas issued a local disaster emergency declaration Sunday.

Large amounts of rain have come with the tornadoes and servere weather warnings. Around four inches of rain fell over Lake Monroe in the last few days, which was already filled over capacity. With storms anticipated for the rest of the week, it is unclear when the lake will return to normal levels.

Nationally, tornadoes have spread west, as far as Colorado and Idaho.

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Beth Hall, Director of the Indiana State Climate Office Purdue University

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Julie Thomas, President of the Monroe County Board of Commissioners

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