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Mysterious Illness Killing Birds Across Midwest And Spreading


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Wildlife experts are investigating a mysterious illness which is killing birds in The Great Lakes Region and Midwest. This week on Noon Edition, we’ll talk with experts about the illness.

Sick birds also have been reported in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

Symptoms of the illness, first recorded in May, include crusted eyes, lethargy, and neurological trouble.

The Indiana Department of Natural resources recommends people take down bird feeders to remove areas where the illness could spread.

Wildlife officials and researchers have been testing birds, trying to determine what the disease could be. So far, West Nile Virus and Avian Flu have been ruled out. 

Experts also say it’s too soon to know if the virus can be transferred to humans or pets.

Labs testing birds include the National Wildlife Health Center, the University of Pennsylvania Wildlife Futures Program, and Indiana Disease Diagnostic Laboratory. 

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Note: This week of our guests and hosts will participate remotely to avoid risk of spreading infection. 


Brad Bumgardner, Indiana Audubon Society executive director

Allisyn Gillet, ornithologist in the Department of Natural Resources

Marnie Urso, senior policy director for Audubon Great Lakes

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