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IU Athletics Prepares For Changes To Name, Image, Likeness Rules In College Sports


(Joe Hren, WFIU/WTIU News)

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Universities across the country are preparing for rule changes that will allow its athletes to profit off their name, image, and likeness. 

The National Collegiate Athletic Association announced in the spring that it was accepting recommendations on how to revise rules allowing athletes to profit off their image. The organization has requested Congress put forth federal legislation to regulate outside endorsement of athletes.

Pressure is mounting from lawmakers to reverse current amateurism rules as some states sign their own bills into law that allow athletes to profit off NIL.

Current amateurism rules forbid college athletes from profiting off endorsement deals, signing autographs, earning money from appearances, or other business pursuits related to their current participation in a competitive college sport.

But the new rules that allow athletes to profit will come with “guardrails” to prevent universities from using the potential third-party endorsements to entice athletes to their schools and athletic programs.

The new NIL rules will go into effect in 2021. 

Indiana University has set up a NIL Task Force to prepare for the rule changes. A statement from IU Athletics says the 14-member group will provide oversight and help student athletes understand and profit from the new NIL rules. 

IU Athletics has also partnered with Opendorse’s “Ready Program.” The digital media sports company’s program is meant to help athletes benefit from their social media presence and educate them on their NIL rights. 

This week, we’re talking with members of IU’s NIL taskforce about changes to come and how it will affect college athletics.

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Note-This week of our guests and hosts will participate remotely to avoid risk of spreading infection. Because of this we will not be able to take callers live on-air.


Galen Clavio, director of the National Sports Journalism Center, IU Athletics NIL Taskforce member

Jeremy Gray, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Strategic Communications/Director of the Cuban Center, IU Athletics NIL Taskforce member

Kenneth Dau-Schmidt, Maurer School of Law, Willard and Margaret Carr Professor of Labor and Employment Law

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