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Opponents decry Mayor Hamilton’s plan to close part of Lower Cascade road

A photo looking north on Old State Road 37 just south of Lower Cascades Park in Bloomington.

(Bente Bouthier, WFIU/WTIU News)

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Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton wants to restrict driver access to part of Old State Road 37 that runs through Lower Cascades Park.

But Hamilton’s plan to transform over a half mile stretch of the road into a bike and pedestrian trail has been met with opposition. Mayor Hamiliton’s goal is to connect Bloomington’s major parks via trail through the proposed plan.   

The plan to close the road was originally introduced back in 2020. Bloomington’s Board of Park Commissioners originally recommended leaving the road open. 

Some residents have voiced their concerns, saying the new trail would limit access to the park, especially for those who are elderly or have disabilities, and will make it difficult for the park to continue hosting large events.   

More can be read here: Residents to rally against closure of Lower Cascades road 

This Friday on Noon Edition, we will talk with guests about the proposal.  

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Scott Robinson – City of Bloomington’s Planning and Transportation Director 

Carole Canfield – Bloomington Resident and Event Organizer of the Rally against the closure of Old State Road 37


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