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Legislature proposing bills on wetlands protection

The wettest lands

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The Indiana House passed a bill last Tuesday that will reduce protections for Indiana’s wetlands.  

The bill authored by Representative Alan Morrison (R) lowers the number of wetlands that can be classified as Class 3 – Indiana’s most protected wetlands group. The bill also offers incentives to developers to protect some wetlands, though those incentives are unclear. The bill is now being reviewed by the Senate. 

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The proposed bill has drawn some concern from other members of the House and Senate. Some are concerned about the classification process for these wetlands and whether developers will try to capitalize on the bill’s incentives.  

Other concerns include how the wetlands will be impacted by the bill, as Indiana’s wetlands help with heavy rainfall and flood protection. Without these wetlands, infrastructure costs for surrounding cities will increase to monitor and control floods. 

The Senate is also reviewing a bill authored by Senator Sue Glick (R) which would classify some of the wetlands as “wildland.” This would provide tax breaks for homeowners and developers and retain current wetland protections. 

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This week on Noon Edition, we will speak with experts about these bills and Indiana’s wetlands.  

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Will Ditzler - Chair of Indiana's Wetlands Task Force 

Rachele Baker - Professional Wetland Scientist and President and Founder of Little River Consultants

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