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Bloomington Provost on IU's seven-year plan


Rahul Shrivastav assumed the provost position February 2022. His role oversees all academic units at IU Bloomington. He coordinates initiatives in faculty research and affairs along with campus life. (Indiana University)

Indiana University President Pamela Whitten announced the launch of a seven-year strategic plan for the university this month. 

The framework for the plan, introduced in September, was under review and adapted for all eight IU campuses. It was endorsed by IU trustees last month.

The comprehensive plan focuses on three areas: Student Success and Opportunity, Research and Creativity, and Service to the State and Beyond.

The plan says IU will improve Student Success and Opportunity by increasing access to postsecondary education in Indiana. It lists targeted increased enrollment and improved retention rates as areas of focus.

Research and Creativity Development will hone-in on human centered disciples, health Sciences, and STEM in the next seven years. The plan prioritizes licensing of inventions and growing partnerships with industry through research. The goal also lists expanded community engaged research. 

The Service goal commits the university to improving public health outcomes in Indiana through leadership and development in life and health sciences. It lists strengthening partnerships with state industry leadership to help them meet employment needs.

The plan is guided by seven core principles that include fiscal responsibility, insatiable quest for knowledge, and focus on innovation, according to IU’s website.

A new executive leadership team that consists of various IU administrative and academic leaders oversee the plan’s implementation.

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We’ll talk this week with IU Provost Rahul Shrivastav about the strategic plan and steps for implementation.

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- Rahul Shrivastav, Indiana University Bloomington Provost

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