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Inflation's effect on Hoosiers and business

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This week on Noon Edition, we’re talking about inflation.

Last month prices were up seven percent from last year at the same time. The AP reports that’s the biggest jump in four decades. 

And it’s touched nearly every part of consumers’ lives – whether you want to buy a car, home, or fill up your gas tank. 

Increased prices on things like gas and groceries hit people on limited incomes especially hard, and they aren’t expected to dip anytime soon.

Some manufacturing industries like RVs have thrived.

But last year one projection said 1 in 5 Black and Hispanic entrepreneurs would close their business in the coming months.

The Federal Reserve is expected to take action soon, and met this week to talk about raising interest rates.

We’ll talk about the challenges of inflation and its effect on people and industries.

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Note: This week, our guests and hosts will participate remotely to avoid risk of spreading infection.    


Isaac Hacamo, assistant professor of finance, IU Kelley School of Business

Ken Eckstein, Chair of the RV Council, Mount Comfort RV owner

Ryan Brewer, associate professor of finance, IUPUC

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