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After Paris Attacks, Indiana Turns Away Syrian Refugees

syrian refugees

The House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday that restricts the admission of Iraqi and Syrian refugees to America by adding extra security procedures.

The move echoes fears coming from many states around the country, including Indiana, where Gov. Mike Pence's decision to temporarily bar Syrian refugees from entering the state caused at least two Syrian families to be turned away.

Pence is one of more than two dozen governors who's suspended resettlement programs for Syrian refugees in the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris.

This week on Noon Edition we spoke with local experts about what the decision means for the state, and the larger global story behind the Syrian refugee crisis.

Our guests:

  • Olga Kalentzidou, Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of International Studies at Indiana University
  • Brett Bowles, Associate Professor of French Studies at Indiana University

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