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Higher property taxes to come for Monroe County homeowners

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Monroe County homeowners should expect higher property taxes next year.

With the increase in home prices and construction of the new hospital, values of homes in Monroe County are rising. According to an article from The Herald Times, values for homes in Monroe County have risen 15% in the past year. With the construction of the new hospital, the county’s assessments have risen $1.9 billion, a record increase for a single year.

Furthermore, homeowners who have improved their homes or who live in a highly desired area can see an even higher increase in home value. This rise in value also can raise the value of neighboring homes. On top of it all, concerns of continuing inflation may affect the housing market.

The increase in home value has been troubling for both current and new homeowners. Current homeowners with fixed incomes are worried how this will affect their future in Monroe County if property taxes continue to rise. New homeowners face similar struggles, as the stock of cheap housing in Monroe County is slowly disappearing.

We will talk about these issues with our guests this Friday on Noon Edition.  

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Judy Sharp, Monroe County Assessor

Eric Spoonmore, President and CEO of The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce

Linda Kidwell, President of the Bloomington Board of Realtors, Broker/Owner of Camelot Realty Group, and a member of the Monroe County Apt Assoc. Board of Directors

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