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Here’s how the 2024 election could be shaped by the courts

President Donald Trump at a campaign rally

(Barbara Brosher, WFIU/WTIU News)

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Another presidential election year is underway, and many have questions about how the final picture will play out. 

The question of a rematch of 2020’s election remains. Former President Trump began his federal election interference case Tuesday morning; the former president pleaded not guilty to four counts accusing him of conspiring to keep power and disenfranchising voters. Trump also has been tried on separate counts of election interference by the State of Georgia. 

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Trump has argued that he had presidential immunity from being federally prosecuted. Now the courts must decide if this argument will be upheld. 

As a result of the cases against the former president, many states are deciding whether to keep him on their ballots. Thirty-four states had challenges filed against Trump and Colorado and Maine have disqualified him from the primary ballot. At least 21 states are waiting for these challenges to progress in court. 

This week on Noon Edition, we will talk with law experts about these unprecedented cases and the impacts they could have this election year.  

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Steve Sanders - Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor of Law and Val Nolan Faculty Fellow for IU’s Maurer School of Law   

Dr. Laura Wilson - Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Indianapolis and Research Associate for the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics  

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