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Filmmaking In Indiana

A documentary titled "Hot Girls Wanted" takes a look at the realities of the amateur porn world and the stream of young females entering it.

Thirty-nine states have tax incentive systems that gives tax credits to film makers. Surrounding states like Kentucky and Ohio have high percentage tax credits, making them highly attractive to filmmakers looking for their next location. In Indiana, some Hoosier lawmakers would like to see a similar system in place.

Representative Matt Pierce (D-Bloomington) and Jon Vickers, Founding Director of the IU Cinema, have drafted a bill that would give films a 30% tax credit on in-state labor and up to 20% on other in-state costs.

“What we’re trying to target are the films that should be shot in Indiana, so films that are fictionally based here, films that want to be shot here,” Vickers says.

Representative Pierce adds that having more films with Indiana as a backdrop could also help the state’s image.

“Filmmaking is a way in which we can basically show the wilder world, you know, what Indiana’s about and what it’s like,” he says.

Jessica Levandoski, Founding Director of the Middle Coast Film Festival, has been making films in Bloomington for five years. She’s currently working on several projects that she wanted to film in Indiana, but couldn’t because of the lack of tax credits in state.

“I love that this bill is supporting local crew and casts because that’s the long-lasting effects,” she says.

The bill has been tabled until 2107 when the General Assembly works on a new state budget.

In addition, Vickers and Levandoski both spoke on the wide diversity of films and film makers they are able to bring to the community through the IU Cinema and Middle Coast Film Festival.

Our guests:

Representative Matt Pierce, Democrat, Bloomington

David Anspaugh, Film Director

Jessica Levandoski, Festival Director, Middle Coast Film Festival

Jon Vickers, Founding Director, Indiana University Cinema

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