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Cryptocurrency rising in public consciousness, how does it affect you?


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Last month, Forbes reported that Bitcoin hit a new high of more than $69,000. 

It’s the most known form of cryptocurrency, and has garnered interest of investors during the pandemic, as a way to protect themselves against inflation.

And mainstream bankers and companies like PayPal have opened up to cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. 

A study done by Pymnts said 58 percent of multinational companies are dealing in at least one cryptocurrency. 

But many are concerned with cryptocurrency’s potential for abuse and facilitation of illegal activity, and the Department of Justice launched a National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team in October to investigate misuses of cryptocurrency.  

A survey conducted last year by NORC at the University of Chicago said 13 percent of Americans reported participating in buying or trading cryptocurrency.

An economic expert told the Seattle Times that cryptocurrency is riskier than stocks and hard to regulate.

This week on Noon Edition, we talk with economic and cryptocurrency experts about what the currency is and how it works.

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Note-This week, our guests and hosts will participate remotely to avoid risk of spreading infection.    


Russell Rhoads, IU Kelley School of Business Clinical Associate Professor 

Todd Nesbit, Ball State department of economics Assistant professor of free enterprise and entrepreneurial economics 

William Luther, Florida Atlantic University College of Business associate professor

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