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Area high school graduates from the Class of 2022 look ahead


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As this last school year ends, these graduates will begin their journeys into a new world. While the graduation ceremony may be no different from many others, these high school careers have been anything but ordinary. The Covid-19 pandemic interfered with any chance they had for what was considered a normal high school career. Halls where students would socialize or run to class turned into zoom links and chat rooms. Students went from sitting in a desk in a classroom with their peers to sitting alone in the comfort of their bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, etc. Clubs, teams, organizations, and events all happened behind a screen.

It has been over two years since the pandemic began and these students’ high school careers were changed forever. However, they have persevered and adapted. Now they look forward to graduation and new opportunities. As graduates decide to pursue a degree, enter the workforce, go to trade school, or join the military, their lives are just beginning.

We will talk about these dreams and possibilities with our guests this Friday on Noon Edition. 

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Isaiah Clinger, student at Hoosier Hills Career Center, Intern for MSP Manufacturing and will continue to work there after school

Lucie Sorenson, student at Hoosier Hills Career Center, Indiana HOSA, Future Health Professionals State President, plans to attend a university and get her degree

Jeremy Green, student planning on joining the US Army after graduation

Ella Francis, student at Bloomington North and Hoosier Hills Career Center. She will be attending Purdue University’s Honors College to study Biomedical Health Science on a pre-med track and will be dancing on the Purdue Golduster Dance Team. 

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