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Air pollution, rising temperatures, and more have many asking what can we do

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Concerns over climate change continue to grow. Air pollution, ocean waste, rising temperatures, stronger storms, and more have many experts calling for action.   

According to Our World in Data, millions of people die from the effects of air pollution each year – including 6.5 million people in 2019. 

The UN Environment Programme says millions of tons of plastic are released into the ocean each year and estimates up to 200 million tons of plastic are currently in our oceans destroying many ecosystems and killing aquatic life.  

Earth’s temperature has been one of the largest concerns. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the years 2013 to 2021 were some of the hottest years on record, with 2021 being the 6th hottest year. Earth’s temperature has risen 0.14 degrees Fahrenheit per decade.   

Despite these concerns, the U.S. ranks low in its efforts to help fight climate change. According to the New Climate Institute, the U.S. ranks 55th, scoring very low in the Climate Change Performance Index for 2022.  

We will talk with experts Friday about climate change and what can be done about it.      

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Alex Crowley - Director of Economic & Sustainable Development at City of Bloomington

Gabriel (Gabe) Filippelli - Executive Director for the Environmental Resilience Institute at IU

Jessica Davis - Interim University Director of Sustainability for IU & Director of IUPUI Sustainability  

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