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Noon Edition

A look at the 2022 legislative session

The Indiana Statehouse

(Brandon Smith/IPB News)

The Indiana 2022 legislative session kicked off Jan. 4. This year’s a short session, and the deadline for both chambers to be done is mid-March. Lawmakers have already acted on key issues.

Last week, the House approved a bill that eliminates the license requirement to carry a handgun in public.

This week, the House voted to block private companies from enforcing COVID-19 vaccine mandates. The bill includes provisions that allow Gov. Eric Holcomb to end the state’s public health emergency without losing access to pandemic-related federal funding.

The Indiana Senate is no longer looking at Senate Bill 167, which would require schools to create parent-led curriculum review committees and place restrictions on how topics like race, religion, and politics are discussed by teachers.

The House has approved its own version of the education bill with some changes made last week. We’ll talk with lawmakers and the IPBS statehouse reporter this week about legislation and issues that will be addressed during this year’s session.

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Senator Rodric Bray, (R) district 37, President Pro Tempore

Senator Shelli Yoder, (D) district 40, assistant minority caucus chair

Brandon Smith, IPBS statehouse reporter

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