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A bill banning dog sales at pet stores approved by Senate 

The Indiana Statehouse

(Brandon Smith/IPB News)

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The Indiana Senate approved HB 1412, a bill that puts strict restrictions on pet stores’ ability to sell dogs.   

The bill requires that pet stores register with the State Board of Animal Health before selling dogs. Furthermore, stores will only be allowed to sell dogs from breeders and brokers that are approved by and follow Purdue University’s Canine Care Certified Program, excluding some exceptions.  

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This bill would eliminate nearly two dozen ordinances banning dog sales across the state, including ones in Bloomington and Columbus. Some critics argue the state is overstepping and should not overrule ordinances passed by cities.   

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The bill will be reviewed again by the House and could move on to the governor’s office.  

This week on Noon Edition, we will speak with experts about the bill and what it will mean for pet store owners.  

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