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Noon Edition

Who's the Bill Evans Cover Girl?

One of the albums featured in this week's show, After the Vanguard: the Return of Bill Evans, is the 1962 Riverside LP Moonbeams. Can you name the model who posed for the cover? (Hint: she went on to greater fame in the mid-1960s with a certain artistic entrepreneur. And no fair Googling.)

I'll post the answer Monday morning.

Answer: The model for the cover of Bill Evans' 1962 Riverside LP Moonbeams was Nico, who went on to fame as the femme-fatale chanteuse with Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground. And speaking of Warhol and fashion/art-world connections with jazz...before AW became king of the 1960s New York City art scene, he took a couple of jobs doing album-covers for Blue Note Records-one example at right, Johnny Griffin's 1957 album The Congregation.

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