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Noon Edition

Tenor Madness: Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane and More

Ignore the terrrible headline (boy, that's dignity for ya, after playing certain parts of your southern anatomy off for the past 60 years): Sonny Rollins is back in trio form tomorrow night at Carnegie Hall. The performance will be coupled on CD with Rollins' debut at Carnegie 50 years ago for a Voice of America concert. In the meantime, a previously unreleased 1956 Rollins/Clifford Brown/Max Roach broadcast is still available for online listening at

Speaking of tenor greats and this week's upcoming Trane '57 Night Lights program, out this week: Interplay, a 5-CD set of Coltrane's appearances on Prestige as a sideman between 1956 and 1958 (sans the Miles Davis material). It's a companion to last year's Fearless Leader collection (hmm... what is it about Trane that inspires these titles? I still cringe a bit at the old Atlantic box "Heavyweight Champion" moniker). And hey, where's one of Coltrane's most legendary "sideman" Prestige appearances? A certain "Tenor Madness" spot with a certain Mr. Rollins? MIA in the Concord packaging/marketing department, evidently...

Website odds and ends: Last weekend's program, The Connection, is now archived for online listening. New adds to the links page: a very good Bobby Hutcherson site and Sound Opinions, rockin' talk from the Windy City.

(Photo of Sonny Rollins by Chuck Stewart)

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