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Six Degrees Of Support: Help Keep Bringing Night Lights To You

Your connection to Night Lights might be closer than it appears. Why your contribution counts, for another year of Night Lights and more.


On the Night Lights website, one simple click takes you on an hour-long journey: to jazz from the year of 1960, pianist Herbie Nichols‘s “Third World”, or the life story of jazz pianist and Peanuts composer Vince Guaraldi. How did you get here? How did we get here, and more importantly, how do we stay here? With the help of people like you, who have supported Night Lights for nearly six years now.

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Help us keep bringing Night Lights to you online every week by making a pledge of financial support. Any amount will do! We’re looking to raise $600 by July 3, the sixth anniversary of Night Lights‘s debut. We can make that goal with a simple click from you.

Why Click And Make That Connection?

If you’re a Night Lights listener, you are, at most, only six degrees away from supporting the show. (Six degrees is not necessary at all – you can make a bold, two-degree jump and help us make the goal right now.)

Here is how you might be moving through the six degrees of support:

  1. You’re online, seeking programming that speaks to your values and standards as a person who likes to listen, learn, and make cultural connections that enrich your life. Support Now
  2. You’ve found Night Lights – perhaps through an online discussion board, a social networking site, a friend’s e-mail suggestion, or a Google search for a topic or artist that interests you. Support Now
  3. You’re listening to a wide range of Night Lights programs – features that transport you to New York City’s cultural flashpoint Cafe Society in the 1940s, or the hardbop haunt of Cafe Bohemia in the 1950s. You’re checking out the way jazz was used in the Manhattan-showbiz-noir film Sweet Smell of Success. You’re finding out what the great jazz pianist Bill Evans sounded like at the start of his career, or discovering that rock producer Tom Wilson, who helped create the sound of folk and underground rock in the 1960s, also ran a very hip jazz label in the 1950s. Support Now
  4. You’re thinking about how great it is that a station is able to bring you so many programs that give you in-depth explorations of classic jazz, from the famous to the little-known, traveling the highways, byways, and even spaceways of jazz history. You’re wondering, how does it happen? Is it really able to happen, or to keep happening, without any contribution, any connection from you? Support Now
  5. Make that connection! Night Lights really does happen only with your support. One minute of your time enables another year of hour-long Night Lights programs full of music, stories, and a living legacy of classic jazz. Support Now
  6. Giving support to Night Lights. You’ve invested in jazz programming that’s delivered to you with care and passion. You’ve ensured that shows like “Thelonious Monk: From Man to Myth” will keep on coming your way online–and you’ve helping listeners around the world to hear these programs as well. You are making a global connection for the history of jazz. Support Now

Whether you give $6, $60 or any other amount, please support Night Lights. And thank you so much for doing so! You are making a difference in the kind of jazz programming that you can hear from WFIU, whenever you turn on your computer or your radio.

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