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Noon Edition

Decca Jazz Studio 1 And 2

In the early 1950s Decca responded to Clef/Verve jazz impresario Norman Granz's Jam Sessions releases with a series of "Jazz Studio" titles. We'll hear "Tenderly" from Jazz Studio 1, which featured lengthy numbers much in the manner of the Granz records; soloists include tenor saxophonists Frank Foster and Paul Quinichette (aka "the Vice-Prez," so called for the Lester Young influence in his playing), trombonist Bennie Green, pianist Hank Jones, and mystery guitarist "Sir Jonathan Gasser" (Johnny Smith).

With Jazz Studio 2: From Hollywood, the series took a West Coast turn that it would retain throughout its remaining releases. Nominally led by French hornist John Graas, the session included standards such as "Laura" and "Darn That Dream," in addition to originals by Graas and session pianist Marty Paicheck. Alto saxophonist Herb Geller, guitarist Howard Roberts, trumpeter Don Fagerquist, bassist Curtis Counce, trombonist Milt Bernhart, and drummer Larry Bunker also participated in the date.

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