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Noon Edition

Still Colossal: Happy 80th Birthday, Sonny Rollins

Night Lights wishes a happy 80th birthday today to Mr. Sonny Rollins, the tenor saxophone colossus who long ago earned his place in the pantheon of such jazz giants as Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, and Max Roach – all of whom Rollins played with. Rollins' adventurous spirit, oft-touted musical wit, and relentless improvisational prowess are all cause for an ongoing celebration of his talent and humanity. We are lucky to be in his presence.

In honor of the saxophonist's birthday, here are several Rollins programs from the Night Lights archives:

Other Rollins Tributes

  • You can check out more Rollins music at NPR's Take Five.

  • In case you missed it, Jazzwax's Marc Myers published a wonderful account in the Wall Street Journal about accompanying Rollins on a tour of the saxophonist's old stomping grounds in New York City last week.

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