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Indiana Matters

About the program

Opioid abuse, addiction, aging and Alzheimer’s, affordable health care... these are national matters, and they are Indiana matters. They are issues you and your community want to know more about. Indiana Matters offers you an opportunity to learn from experts and thinkers as they consider such topics in depth.

Responding to questions from noted television veteran Bruce Kopp and from a public audience, guests on Indiana Matters explore difficult subjects in ways that will help you understand how they affect you and your family. Join us for informed conversations about matters impacting Hoosiers around the state.

About the host

For more than 37 years, Bruce Kopp worked in television news, mainly at WTHR, the NBC affiliate in Indianapolis. For 25 years, he served as anchor on the top-rated local morning news broadcast. In his broadcast news career, Kopp served as a field reporter covering business news, technology, consumer news, education, and stories focused on people making a difference in their communities.

He has covered hundreds of live breaking news events, receiving top honors from the Society of Professional Journalists, Associated Press, and United Press International. Kopp has also interviewed all levels of government leaders from the President of the United States to members of Congress, state and local lawmakers, and community leaders. In addition to hosting Indiana Matters, Kopp currently teaches Broadcast News J343 at The Media School at Indiana University Bloomington

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