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Strong Ties: Your Support Holds Us Together

Many threads come together to make Harmonia.  We are stronger because of listeners like you who can support us.

It's that time of year...the time we must ask for your help to support this online resource for early music.

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A lot of people weave together skills, ideas and resources to make Harmonia what it is. From writers and producers and engineers, to our host Angela Mariani, we are a diverse team!  But it’s our listeners who bring all these various threads together.

A braid of many threads is stronger than any single strand on its own.  A few dollars is a thin thread, but woven together, those few dollars form a strong cord (and chords!).  Consider making a donation today, large or small.  Anything helps—you wouldn’t believe how it can all add up!

Please help us continue to bring Harmonia Early Music to you online every week by making a pledge of financial support.

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