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The Rose Ensemble

Founded over a decade ago, The Rose Ensemble has carved out a unique place for itself. Led by their founder Jordan Sramek, the award-winning vocal group has produced numerous critically-acclaimed recordings. The first ones explored music of the middle ages and Renaissance, including repertoire from Russia, Poland, and Spain.

More recently, they’ve continued with their unusual programming and innovative approach by returning to the music of medieval Spain, on the 2006 CD release, Rosa das Rosas.

With the recording Celebremos el Niño, the ensemble turned to 17th-century Mexico, and, in particular, the devotional villancicos found in the cathedrals of Puebla and Mexico City.

The music of 19th-century Hawaii is the group’s latest offering. It explores repertoire such as hymns, popular songs, and music associated with the cowboys unique to Hawaii known as Paniolos. The ensemble is accompanied by guitar, piano, percussion, and the 50th state’s most famous instrument—the ukulele.

Our new release of the week brings us the debut of the instrumental trio Rubato Appassionato (Antonia Tejeda, recorder, Eyal Streett, bassoon, and Sasha Agranov, cello). Their MA Recordings release, Le Temple du Goût contains a varied program of Baroque music both original and arranged for their special combination.

Here's a promotional video for the Rose Ensemble:

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