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Noon Edition

Sticking Together

What better way to hold things together than duct tape?

Duct tape-the universal, all-purpose adhesive that keeps things from falling apart!  At Harmonia, it's no secret that without our listeners and their generosity, we'd fall completely apart!  We rely on you.

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If you've got any monetary duct tape lying around, we could use a little reinforcement around our seams.  We're at a point in the year where we need to raise support for what we do online.   If you’ve never explored our entire website, here’s a quick rundown:


Missed a show when it aired?  You can find it in the Harmonia archives.  Maybe you liked what you heard but didn’t catch the composer, name of the piece, or performer.  Or maybe you really liked a recording you heard and you’d like to add it to your own collection. In the archive, you can find information and links to all the recordings we play, including where you can buy them.

Social Media

Did you know Harmonia is on facebook and twitter?  “Like” us or “follow” us and we’ll keep you up to date about what we're up to, let you know about early music news and happenings,  and share interesting videos or articles we come across on the web.


Our time capsules take a glimpse back to a time, place or topic in history. You’ll find these time capsules under the blog section of our website, along with other early music musings.


Harmonia has a podcast too!  Podcast hosts Wendy Gillespie and Janelle Davis will be sure to give you a heads up about new, interesting and important recordings. Listen online, or download these shorts onto your ipod and take Harmonia with you!

We encourage you to explore our website, and help us keep it going. Any little bit helps.  Duct tape is strong, and so is Harmonia when we have your support!

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