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Noon Edition

Netherlands Bach Society and La Nouvelle Menestrandie

J.S. Bach: Magnificat

Recordings of J.S. Bach’s Magnificat are always a pleasure to listen to. The Netherlands Bach Society’s new Channel Classics release is no different. Directed by Jos van Velhoven, the terrific cast of singers and instrumentalists also perform Bach’s cantata #243 to great effect.

Henry Purcell: Dido & Aeneas

Henry Purcell’s famous mini-opera “Dido & Aeneas” gets a vibrant reading by La Nouvelle Menestrandie and Cappella Mediterranea (directed by Leonardo García Alarcón). The depictions are all quite vivid: Aeneas is the classic jerk, Dido makes it all about her, and the Witches are creepy as ever.

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