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Noon Edition

Music of Telemann, Haydn, and dall’Aquila

Telemann and the Gypsies

Directed by Matthias Maute, Ensemble Caprice is known for its world-class performances, full of flair and dynamism. Their recent Analekta release of Telemann’s gypsy-inspired music is a terrific and energetic recording of well-known repertoire. Interspersed throughout are actual 18th-century gypsy pieces from the Uhrovska Collection, which contains a font of melodies and dances from Eastern Europe.

Haydn Baryton Trios

The baryton, a instrument not unlike a viola da gamba, has appeared infrequently in past recordings. Thanks to the Esterházy Machine, a trio comprised of baryton player Kenneth Slowik, violist Steven Dann, and cellist Myron Lutzke, a change is on the way.

The group has just released the first volume of Joseph Haydn baryton trios, which were composed while in the service of Prince Nicolaus Esterházy, “the Magnificent,” whose interest in the baryton inspired Haydn to write over 170 pieces for it. The Esterházy Machine’s performance is beautiful and inspired.

Marco dall'Aquila

Not long after the catastrophic earthquake of 2009 that shook the ancient town of L’Aquila, Italy, American lutenist Paul O’Dette planned to record Marco dall’Aquila’s works in the composer’s native city but was unable to because of the devastation. Nevertheless, he was able to make the recording in the nearby-town of Capestrano in a building that dall’Aquila may have known, the Castello Piccolomini.

O’Dette dedicated his wonderful performance “to the victims of the earthquake (the survivors and the deceased), those brave Aquilani whose richly distinctive culture has nourished my exploration of Marco’s music for the past decade.”

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