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Medieval Music with Joglaresa, The Rose Ensemble, and Millenarium


The London-based ensemble Joglaresa has been exploring medieval music for nearly two-decades under the direction of Belinda Sykes. Their latest recording, entitled “Douce Dame Debonaire,” immerses us in the world of French medieval song. Their performance is stunning for its intensity and sheer beauty.

The Rose Ensemble

The Rose Ensemble’s latest recording revolves around music for Saint Francis of Assisi, founder of the Franciscans also known as Il Poverello. The ensemble’s program is a fascinating compilation of medieval and Renaissance music devoted to St. Francis, with additions of chant and instrumental pieces.


Millenarium’s recording of medieval dances, aptly titled “Danza,” is simply fantastic. Released on the Ricercar label, the recording includes some of the more popular and often played medieval dances, yet Millenarium’s performance really brings something new and vibrant to the table.

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