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Noon Edition

L'Orfeo Baroque Orchestra and La Symphonie du Marais

The L'Orfeo Baroque Orchestra specializes in some of the lesser-known German composers from the first half of the 18th Century, having spent years bringing to life a terrific if obscure repertoire.

Directed by Michi Gaigg, the orchestra’s 2007 CPO label recording of J.C.F. Fischer’s complete Journal du Printemps, or “Journal of Spring,” is an ideal marriage between fine music and an exceptional ensemble.

La Simphonie du Marais has been exploring French Baroque music for over two decades. Their 1990 Harmonia Mundi recording of Michel-Richard Delalande’s complete orchestral suites known as the “Symphonies for the King’s Supper,” was originally released as a four-CD set, now only available as a single CD of selections.

No matter, the performance is filled with beautiful melodies and vibrant rhythms.

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