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Noon Edition

Birds Of A Feather...Pledge Together!

Join together with the Harmonia flock this week.  Any donation will help!

Update, Friday, July 27, 2012:

Yikes, friends!  We aren't off to a good start with this annual web drive.  We really need to hear from our loyal online users.  Please take some time right now and support this website and archive.  It is so essential...and appreciated!

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The saying, birds of a feather flock together has been around at least since 1545 when William Turner, an English herbalist and ornithologist, wrote, “Byrdes of on kynde and color flok and flye allwayes together.”

In nature, birds of a single species frequently form flocks; some experts believe this to be a 'safety in numbers' tactic to reduce the risk of predators.

It’s often true with people too—similar tastes and interests bring us together.  Harmonia is all about early music, and if you’re a regular listener, you probably share our interest in early music too. Birds of a feather

Please help us keep bringing Harmonia Early Music to you online every week, by making a pledge of financial support.

If you value what you hear and what you find on our website, please let us know with a gift of support. Any amount is helpful!

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