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Tiny Friendly Beasts Turn Apples Into Booze

Fatima and Ben

Today on our show we talk to the owners of Friendly Beasts, a new cider company in Bloomington Indiana.

I think I'm pretty entrepreneurial minded. My friends and family joke that I'm always coming up with different schemes and ideas of businesses that we could run. And a lot of them have been more ridiculous.But people humor me with those pitches.                                                                              --Fatima Carson

Our conversation is part of a new series on Earth Eats called Making the Leap. The series is focused on what it takes to get started with a new food business (or, in this case, a new beverage business). I'm interested in what inspires someone to muster up the courage to make the leap into the unknown, into the unpredictable world of running a small business.

Also in this episode, Harvest Public Media brings us a story on fraud in the organic food industry.

And Doug Spradley, head bartender at Farm Bloomington Restaurant, introduces us to a warming and festive cocktail for those chilly winter evenings.

Stories On This Episode

Consumers Trust Organic Labels, Fraud Threatens The Industry

Harvest Public Media's Kristofor Husted finds that policing fraud in the organic food industry isn't an easy task.

The Bloomington Coffee-A Festive Cocktail For Wintertime

Do you love to play with fire? This fancy coffee drink involves lighting rum on fire, and caramelizing sugar in your glass.

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