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The Bloomington Coffee-A Festive Cocktail For Wintertime


Doug Spradley is the Head Bartender at Farm Bloomington Restaurant. He shared his recipe for a beautiful cocktail, complete with dancing blue flames, and house-made whip cream.

The Bloomington Coffee


  • 2 oz Cardinal Songbird Spirits Coffee Liqueur
  • 1.5 oz El Dorado Rum
  • 4 oz brewed coffee (more or less, to taste)
  • cream, freshly whipped or in a pressurized canister
  • sugar
  • lemon wedge


  1. Run the lemon wedge around the rim of the glass. Put a tablespoon or so of sugar onto a small plate and dip the top of the glass into the sugar. Coat the rim of the glass fully with the sugar.
  2. Pour the 2 oz of coffee liqueur into the glass.
  3. Slowly pour the rum over the back of a spoon, so that it floats on top of the liqueur.
  4. Light a bamboo skewer or long match, and lower it into the glass to light up the rum.
  5. Allow the rum to burn for a few minutes, caramelizing the sugar along the inside rim of the glass.
  6. Either blow out the flame and add the coffee, or, if you are feeling adventuresome, pour it slowly along the side of the glass (being careful not to burn yourself) allowing the flame to remain a bit longer. When the flame burns out, add the whipped cream and garnish with the lemon wedge.

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