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Teaching Maple Syrup

Shane Gibson (R), Director of Environmental Education for Sycamore Land trust talks to students about maple syrup in front of his converted barrel stove. Neil Kintanar(L), outdoor educator with Bradford Woods ladles warm sap from the pan for students to taste (Alex Chambers/WFIU)

“You don't see these wonderful things in nature if you're not outside in it. And to me, maple syrup is just one more opportunity to be outside, immersed in nature.”

This week on Earth Eats Associate Producer Alex Chambers shares his Sound Portrait from Maple Syrup Day at Unionville Elementary School, just outside of Bloomington Indiana. Shane Gibson, of Sycamore Land Trust joins outdoor educators Neil Kintanar and Katie Hammaker of Bradford Woods for a full day of practical sugaring skills and maple syrup history.

Then we've got a couple of recipes from the archives to put that maple syrup to good use.

We'll start with a story from Harvest Public Media, about a meat and dairy surplus in the US, and where the excess food ends up.

Music Heard On This Episode

Lee Rosvere, Music for Podcasts 5

And Brandon Davis/Electric set

The Earth Eats' theme music is composed by Erin Tobey and performed by Erin and Matt Tobey.

Stories On This Episode

A Surplus Of Meat And Dairy Puts A Strain On U.S. Markets And Storage

A combination of factors have led to a surplus of meat and dairy in the US. Some food banks are getting creative with distributing the windfall.

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