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Sesame Roasted Kale

sesame roasted kale

Whenever we put a call out to our Twitter followers, asking what ingredients they want recipes for, the top request is always kale! Ask and you shall receive -- kale chips, raw kale salad with citrus and a rustic white bean and kale soup.

Before we get cooking on our latest kale creation, cleaning the greens is step one. I find that washing veggies in lukewarm water encourages the dirt and grit to find their way out better than in cold water. You can also add a splash of vinegar to the water if you find little bugs hanging onto your greens.

We are only using the leaves for this dish, but don't throw the stems into the compost heap. Cut them into small rounds and toss them into soups and pasta sauces.

We want to keep the natural color and crunchiness of the kale, so we're simply wilting it in the pan. Be careful not to overcook it!

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