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Rooftop Gardening, Summer Berries, Breaded Pork Tenderloin

kids planting a tree

My most memorable pork tenderloin ever was at a filling station of all places in Gnaw Bone, Indiana. There was something about biting into that exceptional sandwich in a gas station that just made it a great experience.

That's breaded pork tenderloin sandwich expert Rick Garrett. The folks of Traditional Arts Indiana speak with him about what makes this dish so very Hoosier.

Then we spend a good chunk of time getting our hands dirty with a group of fourth graders in the gardens both on top of and around the Middle Way House.

Harvest Public Media takes us inside a new research facility in North Platte, Nebraska, where researchers are throwing their unique brand of caution to the wind.

The state of Indiana is trying to decide if they should legalize the sale of raw milk. Julie Rawe has that story.

And, Chef Daniel Orr brings us two recipes, one for Caribbean-inspired grilled chicken and another for a summer berry grunt.

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