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Got Milk? And If So, Why?

How much, (if any) milk should you drink each day?  Well, that depends. (Push Doctor/Flickr)

I think it’s interesting to take a food that’s so commonplace in our diet, so ubiquitous so expected, and to cast a critical eye on it and just kind of interrogate why do we think this is a -quote-normal thing to do?

Andrea Wiley studies the human consumption of cow’s milk. Many of us have been instructed to ‘drink our milk’ from an early age, but is dairy really a necessary part of a healthy diet for children? What About adults?

Maddie Chera and Leigh Bush examine these questions and more in a conversation with Andrea Wiley, Professor of Anthropology and Human Biology at Indiana University. She's written two books on milk, Cultures of Milk:The Biology and Meaning of Dairy Products in the United States and India and Re-imagining Milk: Cultural and Biological Perspectives.

Harvest Public Media looks at the rise of government food assistance in rural areas,

Chef D teaches us how to make beef jerky,

and Susan Mintert has a warming soup for a cool evening.

Music on this episode:

Even in My Dreams by Soularflair (Free Music Archive)

Victory [instrumental] by Brandon Davis (Actual Figures/Electric Set)

Beef Jerky by Cibo Mato

Lay It On Me by Steve Stern (Killer Tracks)

The Earth Eats’ theme music is composed by Erin Tobey and performed by Erin and Matt Tobey.

Stories On This Episode

Chef D's Beef Jerky

Sure, beef is in the title, but the best meat to use for this recipe (if you've got it) is venison.

SNAP, Farm Bill Hangs In Midterm Balance

Heavier food stamp restrictions and a host of other contentious farm bill proposals are up in the air as midterms bear down on an uncertain Congress.

Italian Sausage And Lentil Soup

Here's a simple, hearty soup to warm you up on a cool evening. Serve with cornbread, and it's a complete meal.

Rural Americans Are Now The Largest Slice Of Federal Food Aid Recipients

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