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Making Pupusas With A Poet


On today's show, Earth Eats Associate Producer Alex Chambers brings us a story about the National dish of El Salvador, pupusas.

Pupusas followed the Salvadoran diaspora into the United States in the aftermath of El Salvador's Civil War in the 1980s.

In this story, Willy Palomo reflects on the effects of the war on his own family history, the stories his mother told - or didn't tell - her children, and how a teenage identity crisis got him writing poems and making pupusas.


And from Harvest Public Media a story on Conservation programs in the farm bill, and what they might mean for farmers.


Music on today's show:

Vocal Artillery-Ozomatli

Aerumma-Jozef Van Wissem

The Bridge is Over-KRS-One (Criminal Minded)

La Boa-Los Mocosos (New World Party)

Stories On This Episode

Salvadoran Pupusas Con Curtido

"Stealth tortillas," with a surprise filling, pupusas are fun to make, and a treat to eat.

Kashi Expands Support For ‘Transitional' Grain Farming

Whole-grain cereal maker Kashi is boosting the amount of crops obtained from farmers who are switching from conventional to organic production.

Conservation Programs In Farm Bill Can Help Farmers

Farm bill conservation programs are now so popular, they've become quite competitive.

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