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Hoop Houses, Sunchokes And Winter Greens

sunchoke soup

Deliciously Chilly Weather

First up today, we're going into the kitchen with Chef Daniel Orr. He has two recipes using a root veggie you've perhaps seen in the produce aisle but never cooked with: the sunchoke.

Last week, we spoke with a couple gardeners whose plants are going strong throughout the cold months. One organization in Bloomington is taking it a step further. The hoop house at the Butler Park Community Garden is a project of Mother Hubbard's Cupboard. Fast-forward a couple months after we first spoke with Garden and Nutrition Education Program Coordinator Stephanie Solomon to a chilly and overcast late-December day. How are things going inside the hoop house?

Then, we go back to the kitchen with Chef Daniel Orr and take a look at all the different varieties of greens one could be cooking with these days. "You can see how colorful they are. Late winter cooking doesn't have to be boring," he says.

Finally, no more soggy spinach! These two methods for wilting spinach do the trick without any added water.

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