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Growing Food Justice On A South Bronx Farm

I interviewed Suzanne Babb at the 2018 Allied Media Conference, on the Wayne State Campus in Detroit, MI (Kayte Yount/WFIU)

For me, food is life. It brings people together, but it has often been used to tear people apart.

On today's show, a conversation with Suzanne Babb, an urban farmer in New York's South Bronx. We talk about her work with La Finca del Sur and discuss some of the barriers women of color face when it comes to growing food.

Producer Cole Stinson shares a piece featuring a StoryCorps conversation about women in farming across generations.

And Chef Daniel Orr shares recipes for two interesting adult beverages--sans alcohol.

Music on this week's show

What About Food--Miki Yamanaka

Orbis Alius--Tony Diana & Glenn Sogge

The Earth Eats' theme music is composed by Erin Tobey and performed by Erin and Matt Tobey.

Stories On This Episode

For The Love Of Farming

Two women connect across generations, around their love of farming, and their commitment to helping farmers.

Chef D's Apple Sage Elixir

This delightful beverage takes you from late summer into fall.

Study Says All Alcohol Is Unsafe And Internet Freaks Out

A new study concluded that even small amounts of alcohol can be harmful to health, but critics say the paper raises undue alarm about moderate use.

Chef D's Dandelion Iced Tea

This surprising chilled tea pairs well with food, and makes the non-drinkers at your table feel included when it comes time to make a toast.

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