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Examining Our Stories About Hunger Part II

Stephanie Solomon (Director of Education and Outreach at Mother Hubbard's Cupboard), Lists components of a new narrative around hunger, during a Dominant Narrative training at Food Day 2017 in Bloomington Indiana.

On today's show we continue the conversation we started last week about the power of stories.

We're looking at food insecurity and how the narratives surrounding poverty can distort the lived experiences of people in our community.

We examine the role isolation plays in food insecurity, and we talk about what it can mean for food providers to move from a charity model to a model of social justice.

Amanda Nickey and Stephanie Solomon are our guests, from Mother Hubbard's Cupboard, a community food resource center in Bloomington, Indiana.


Taylor Killough brings us a story about farmers and mental health, and  Chef Daniel Orr makes a familiar condiment form a scraggly root.

Stories On This Episode

Prepared Horseradish

Making your own horseradish sauce is easier than you think! It's easy to grow, and stores well in your fridge.

We're Finally Talking About Farmer Suicides. Here's Why.

Farmers are killing themselves at twice the rate of veterans. An article in Guardian article prompted the Washington state legislature to do something about it.

Icy Rivers In Midwest Impeding Grain Bound For Export

Though temperatures are fluctuating in the Midwest, the hold up of grain due to ice could continue for weeks to come.

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