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Dining On The Edge With A Sometimes Dangerous Green

Once the poke leaves and stems have been blanched twice, they are ready to be cooked up with the country ham, cracklings and the other vegetables. (Eoban Binder/WFIU)

A lot of these kinds of foraged greens, a lot of them are aggressive tasting, they're very forceful. So a lot of good things to add to them are things that are smoky, sweet and things like bacon, for that smokiness, or a little bit of honey and a little bit of pepperoncini or red pepper flakes are really good in there. So fat, smoke, heat and sweet. --Chef Daniel Orr

We're going wild and free this week with a dish made with the stalks and spring leaves of the poke plant. You're gonna love what Chef Daniel Orr does with this potentially poisonous wild edible.

Harvest Public Media has a story about difficulties in the dairy industry.

And we revisit a conversation with clinical psychologist Dr.Katy Kopp Miller about how simple social interactions, like grabbing a bite to eat with friends, gets complicated for those in recovery from eating disorders. You can see the original post by Annie Corrigan, and a transcript of the interview with Dr. Kopp Miller, by Maddie Chera and Leigh Bush right here.

Resources for this episode:

Stalking The Wild Asparagus by Euell Gibbons

The Forager's Feast: How to Identify, Gather, and Prepare Wild Edibles by Leda Meredith

How I find and safely eat pokeweed shoots in early spring--a post on The Foraged Foodie blog

"Poke Salad Annie" by Tony Joe White

"Allen's Poke Sallet and Change" Talk Business and Politics

National Eating Disorders Association Helpline (800)931-2237

Stories On This Episode

Poke Greens with Country Ham And Cracklings

Poke leaves are mild and tender, like spinach. The stalks closely resemble asparagus. Once you have properly processed the poke, you could use it in any recipe calling for cooked spinach or asparagus.

Dairy Farmers Milking For What It's Worth, Unsure What Comes Next

Milk prices have plummeted in a market flooded with supply from foreign producers and larger operations squeezing out small farmers.

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