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Burgers, Bratwurst And Beans: A Meat-Eater's Fourth Of July

meat grill spatula

It's true. America is a nation of meat-eaters.

Although some 7.3 adult Americans haven elected to walk on the leafy-green side by adhering to a vegetarian or vegan diet, the majority of Fourth of July cookouts will embrace the typical, meaty barbecue fare.

If you're grilling carnivorous today, why not break up the tired hot dog and burger routine with a little variety? Here are some suggestions how.

Inside-Out Goat Cheese Goat Burgers

Yes, the cheese goes inside these cheeseburgers. The recipe below suggests calling your nearby halal market for goat meat or checking with local butcheries.

Not rich enough? Try whipping up some fresh blueberry and ginger ketchup for a novel topping.

Beer-Simmered Bratwurst With Onions And Red Cabbage Sauerkraut

This recipe may sound German, but one thing that makes America great is our ability assimilate cuisine from just about everywhere. Local farmers will have bratwurst or other sausages for tossing on the grill this Fourth.

Don't forget the sauerkraut.

  • Recipe: Beer-Simmered Bratwurst With Onions And Red Cabbage Sauerkraut (Food Network)

Grilled Maple-Brined Pork Chops

Your tongs' mind will be blown. Brining the chops will keep them juicier on the grill, and the maple flavoring adds a touch of sweetness.

Bean And Tomato Salad With Honey Vinaigrette

It's important to remember humankind cannot live on meat alone. Luckily, July is also a time for celebrating the summer's harvest with farmers market tomatoes and heirloom beans.

Warning: The potato salad is likely to get jealous.

  • Recipe: Bean And Tomato Salad With Honey Vinaigrette (

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