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Stay In This Valentine's Day: A Holiday Feast For 8, On A Budget

Alright boys and girls, the big day is less than a week away! Have you made your plans yet?

Well rather than fighting the crowds at your local chain restaurant, why not stay in this coming Sunday?

After all, Valentine's Day IS all about love and intimacy. Plus, with the economic situation of late, many of you may find your pockets a little on the empty side, and staying in is certainly easier on the wallet.

Now, if you're single, there's no need to get down. Invite all your fellow spinsters over for a dinner party! Heck, why not mix it up. There's no need to spend Valentine's Day alone...let the singletons and love-birds unite!

A Valentine's Day Feast For 8 (from:Â Planet Green)

So, what makes for such a fun-filled, frugal night? Planet Green recently published an article that provides three great tips that make for the perfect Valentine's Day meal. It goes something like this:

  1. Start if off with a LOCAL salad ($26) – or try Chef Orr's Black-Eyed Pea Salad from our New Year's show
  2. Ravioli: for meat eaters and vegetarians alike ($33) – try this Butternut Squash and Sage Pasta from Earth Eats contributor @thefooddiva)
  3. And finally, would a chocolate? ($40) –  our podcast this Friday has a mouth-watering recipe for chocolate fondue ;)

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