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WTIU Broadcasting At Reduced Power

SMPTE color bars

4-9-20: Important update for Charter Communications (Spectrum) cable subscribers in Terre Haute

On December 30, 2019, a section of the transmission line between the transmitter and top antenna on the WTIU broadcast transmission tower failed, causing the entire transmission line to fail (and preventing WTIU over-the-air broadcast transmission).  However, the station immediately switched the over the air WTIU broadcast transmission to a backup antenna; yet this antenna is physically lower on the tower and WTIU is authorized by the FCC to operate the antenna at a maximum 70% transmission power. Unfortunately, this limits WTIU’s over-the-air signal reach (compared to 100% power and top antenna).

WTIU is currently at work to replace the failed transmission line with a new line. The anticipated date to restore to 100% transmission power via top antenna, subject to weather, is by May 31, 2020.  

Another unfortunate consequence of the primary transmission line failure is that Spectrum Cable television subscribers in the Terre Haute area are experiencing the temporary loss of WTIU channels. Spectrum Cable has communicated that it will restore WTIU on its system 120 days after our tower repairs are complete, on approximately September 30, 2020. 

Meanwhile, because WTIU is still broadcasting over-the-air (though at reduced power), viewers who use an antenna may need to recalibrate the antenna. (Most satellite and cable subscribers are unaffected.)

WTIU thanks all viewers for your patience and understanding as the station works diligently to replace the faulty transmission line equipment and restore the WTIU channels to 100% transmission power via top antenna.

With Appreciation,

Brent Molnar

WTIU Operations Director